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Find the Marine Insurance That's Right for You

With boats often costing as much as a house, you need the right kind of insurance agents to set you up with the right kind of marine insurance to safeguard your investment. At Foree Insurance in Houston, Texas, we have multiple insurance companies we can quote from, including Geico and Foremost. With the coverage we provide, you can protect not just your boat, but the valuables on board, such as GPS equipment and expensive fishing gear. Our insurance policies cover all water crafts with our yacht insurance policies you can sail in complete comfort knowing all you have is fully covered!


Extensive Claims Knowledge

Our experience in the insurance industry and as boaters means we have detailed knowledge of the different kinds of claims you might have to make, such as hitting submerged objects and running aground on a jetty during a storm. Hitting a submerged object, for example, can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. Cover your business with full charter boat insurance and make sure you're ready for the unexpected while on the water.

Limiting Your Liability

You are liable for any damage you cause, such as hitting another boat or a person. Liability insurance allows you to transfer that considerable risk to the insurance company. We will provide the right level of coverage, get ID cards for you, and handle claims. We can answer any questions you have about coverage while offering award-winning sales and service to all of our customers.